Adoc Talent Management is seeking a researcher to be the technical guide for the coding team in the optical communications department of a major international group in the telecommunications sector. Its Parisian center is always striving to push to the theoretical limits in order to develop systems on the cutting-edge technology.

Job Description

You will oversee a researchers’ team and will act as the technical lead. You will be managing an array of innovative R&D projects in the coding field for optical communications.

You will manage coding projects in FEC (Forward Error Correction) with the team and will be a technical guide for codes development and high-performance hardware implementation.

In that regard, you will make technical choices for high flow products implementation (1Tbit/s) thanks to a minimum hardware complexity, with a strong emphasis on reasonable consumption and suggest new implementation methods to optimize codes performance and associated power consumption.

You will be responsible of the developed codes usability by your team, with extremely low error rate (10-15). You will be acting as a liaison between R&D and production; demonstrations on FPGA before codes’ implementation on ASIC (Application-specific integrated circuits) chips.

You will also participate to creating new academic collaborations at the international level and will value research results thanks to scientific publications and participation in conferences.


You have a Master/Engineer/PhD degree in coding or related field, and you have worked on complex algorithm development and codes design, as well as their hardware implementation for optical systems. You are familiar with Matlab or C/C++ and other simulation tools, and you have a strong experience on design / hardware implementation TPC and LDPC. An experience in optical communications is not necessary.

Your ability to product significative scientific contributions is certified by a great level of publications and/or patents. You managed extensive projects and had the opportunity to coordinate teams around optical communications problems.

You like team work and communication in an international context, in French as well as in English. Organised and independent, you demonstrate leadership regarding your team. You are seen as a curious and creative collaborator, endowed with analytical capacities and good ability to learn. You have sense of results, you can make decisions, provide your collaborators with guidance and resolve complex problems.

If you are interested in working with breakthrough innovations and see your technological building blocks implemented in leading telecommunications products, please send your application to Adoc Talent Management.