Adoc Talent Management is recruiting for our client a Probiotic and Fermentation Manager - M/F. Our client is a French, world leading, and multinational food company with world-renowned brands, creating new innovative products with largely proven health benefits. The company does significant research with breakthrough innovations, creates value in nutrition and health, and provides Dairy and Plant based products, Waters and Specialized Nutrition.


As a Probiotic and Fermentation Manager, you will manage two senior-level highly motivated scientific teams, working on dairy- and plant-based fermentation in exploratory and in applied projects. As a real internal and external ambassador on fermentation, you will lead the whole R&D strategy of these teams.

In this role, you take the lead and build the fermentation strategy roadmap with concept development for the company’s Probiotic and Fermented products pipeline. You create a strong strategy promoting the nutritional quality of the strains of the company’s Culture Collection, one of the oldest and richest collections in the world, including probiotic candidates and technological ferments, and ensure the direction of the research program and define the strategy for the R&D of fermented products. You understand how to use fermentation as a lever to promote the quality of the company’s products designed to improve health, with proven positive impact on the digestive tract and the microbiota.

You have a solid innovative vision about the new R&D possibilities, and understanding how to turn them into a business is a source of inspiration for you. You promote, defend and design scientific and nutritional solutions or concepts that meet nutrition and health, and launch new projects in collaboration with the company’s Advanced Technology service, with the objective to industrialize new innovative products on an international level. You contribute to the differentiation and "industrial property" of the company’s products and develop communication tools and narratives around their science.

You nurture breakthrough innovation by seeking new opportunities related to fermentation and probiotics, according to axes defined by the company’s R&I. You proudly represent the company’s brand, and understand short-, medium- and long-term business needs by linking with internal and external solutions, and identify and interact with experts, KOLs in its areas of expertise, or other interesting industrial partners.


Holding a PhD, or a MSc with extensive experience, in a relevant field, you are a recognized expert in the field of food fermentation. You have at least 10 years of solid scientific experience in this area in an academic or private laboratory, with a deep knowledge of bacteria and their metabolism and are passionate about the upstream dimension of this research field. You have a strong leadership and an ability to translate concepts into projects, and to get your teams on board. You have a solid business acumen, with a deep understanding of the final goal, and you have developed state-of-the-art expertise in the analysis of creating new innovative solutions for the product pipeline. You have a strong background in managing senior level scientific teams and creating a strategic roadmap on the field of research.

Agile, proactive, and dynamic, your mindset allows you to create real leadership to successfully manage the Probiotic and Fermentation product line of the company. With good communication skills and appreciating multidisciplinary teamwork, you are at ease in interactions in conferences, with KOL, experts, committees, and non-experts both internally and externally in an international level. You have a natural capacity to anticipate, coordinate, multi-task and collaborate in a multi-faceted environment. Due to the hybrid teams and global market served by the company, you are fluent in English and ideally French. For you to be comfortable in a multinational context, your autonomy, your versatility, your pragmatism, your sense of organization and time management are important assets.

Do you want to give meaning and create value through your recognized expertise in fermentation by participating in innovation and the health impact of food? Do not hesitate to send your application (CV, list of publications, conferences patents and salary expectations) to Adoc Talent Management!