Our client is an innovative biotech firm. It's really a research think-tank developing new therapeutic platforms. Its innovation process starts with large unmet medical needs, and solutions are custom-designed by conceptualizing and executing genuinely novel ways to address them; this process allows consideration of all potential routes, including some that might not have been tried before, as the process is not linked to any specific background model, technology or university.

Its core area of expertise is Regenerative Medicine R&D, in particular the direct cell reprogramming approach to this field. Lead technologies, including stem cells, biomaterials and drugs have been developed over the past 10+ years and are under full IP protection.

For example, our client received the first patent in the USA for directly reprogrammed cells, a technology allowing the production of precursor cells (e.g. neural, cardiac, hematopoietic) directly from other somatic cells. He developed biomaterial that speeds the regeneration of central nervous system cells and soft tissues while inhibiting tumor growth, while their cell regeneration drug program has led to the development of a drug that not only prevents the cell or tissue loss resulting from neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, brain and spinal cord injuries, stroke and diabetes, etc., but also has indirect regenerative effects on tissues.

Position based in Montreal.

The challenge ------

You will participate in the execution of laboratory projects and experiments, particularly in the culturing of somatic cells.
Cell culturing is done without antibiotics in a cleanroom-level lab.
You will be part of a progressive team helping to make and design the next generation of cell therapeutics.

The missions ------

  • Human stem cell culturing without antibiotics in a cleanroom-level lab
  • Analyzing quantitative data
  • Performing a variety of assays, analyses and tests
  • Performing a variety of specialized technical tasks according to established methodology
  • Preparing and setting up materials and equipment
  • Recording results, performing calculations, compiling data, and maintaining records and files
  • Demonstrating the operation of apparatus or technique

About you ------

  • Technical degree, B.Sc or M.Sc in cell biology (or similar)
  • Extensive stem cell work
  • Expertise in stem cell culture, characterization and analysis
  • Good practice in sterile cell culture techniques


  • Biotech industry, or GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and/or GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) expertise
  • 'Golden hands'