Adoc Talent Management is recruiting for a client Postdoctoral Fellows in Information and Communication Theory of Optical Fiber.

Our client is Télécom Paris, a top-ranked international public institution of higher education in France. A leading engineering school in Europe (a “Grande Ecole” in French) specializing in the Communications Engineering and Computer Science, it is well-known for its advanced academic research programs, strong collaboration with industry on R&D projects, and a highly selective entrance based on a competitive exam (“classes prépas”).


Under the supervision of a research director, Pr. Mansoor Yousefi, and in close collaboration with the other research group members, with a possibility of the international collaboration, you will conduct research on a topic related to the Information and Communication Theory of Optical Fiber. Funded by a highly competitive ERC Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC), known for its focus on scientific excellence, you will join an internationally well-known research group to rethink the communication theory for a class of nonlinear channels.

The objective of the research project is to establish the information-theoretic limits in the nonlinear optical fiber, and to develop communication algorithms that approach these limits. You can work, among other topics, on computing bounds on the capacity of optical fiber, developing signal processing algorithms for fiber-optic communication, or generally improving the nonlinear fiber-optic transmission. You have experience in information and communication theory, signal processing, neural networks, machine learning, optical fiber, nonlinear Fourier transforms, or physical applied mathematics (one or more areas). You will be recruited on a 2-year postdoc contract, with a competitive salary from the European Commission, with the possibility of extension. You will benefit from great freedom and flexibility offered by the ERC projects and get to collaborate with the world leading experts in optical communication.

The position is to be filled as soon as possible in Paris, France.


Holding a PhD in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Physics, or equivalent, you know how to pursue and develop your own ideas for solving research problems, and communicate the results. You are mathematically sophisticated, intellectually curious, passionate about the fundamental research, and have a natural affinity with the research topics. You have developed a strong research identity and autonomy, with the capacity to go substantially beyond the state-of-the-art Your mindset allows you to play a leadership role in the research team, with good communication skills and English fluency.

Send your application (CV, list of publication, and contact information of two references who will provide recommendation letters) to Adoc Talent Management without further delay!